Faster wound healing? Can zinc heal wounds better?

Faster wound healing? Can zinc heal wounds better?

Do wounds heal faster with zinc?
If you have an open knee or cut your finger, you will often hear the advice to use zinc ointment so that the wound heals faster. But is that really true? And what else can you do to improve wound healing?

Home remedies support wound healing
Cut in the finger or cut the knee: Every person keeps getting smaller wounds in the course of their life. Often you just stick a plaster on it and wait until everything has healed. But the healing process can also be supported. It is popularly said that wounds heal better in salt water. However, there does not seem to be a clear explanation for this. Experts often recommend treating wounds with fresh garlic. And some believe that zinc heals wounds faster. But is that really true? A dermatologist has important information about this in a contribution from “Bild am Sonntag” (“BamS”).

Zinc oxide relieves inflammation
The dermatologist Dr. Uwe Wunderlich from Berlin explains in the newspaper that the active ingredient zinc oxide has a drying effect, relieves inflammation and protects against further friction, which would additionally irritate the skin. According to the doctor, such ointments are particularly suitable for superficial, slightly oozing and little bleeding wounds, such as a sore baby buttock, a blister on the heel or a sore on the buttock after too long cycling. However, if you get deep injuries, the ointments cannot do much. Then it says: Off to the doctor!

Lotions better suited for sunburn
For sunburn, Dr. Lotions with the cooling agent zinc oxide are more likely to be used. A lotion is easy to distribute. However, only ointments have a healing effect on the skin. Pills containing zinc do not improve wound healing, he says in "BamS". If the symptoms are not too severe, well-tried home remedies also help with sunburn. Home remedies such as moist envelopes, curd cheese, yoghurt, aloe vera or healing earth can be mentioned here. (ad)

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