Natural healing power: Kubeben pepper is the medicinal plant of the year 2016

Natural healing power: Kubeben pepper is the medicinal plant of the year 2016

There are hundreds of types of pepper in different colors and shapes. Its taste develops in three phases: First the fruits have a sharp effect on the palate. Then a bitter note spreads, giving way to a persistent eucalyptus aroma. It is advisable to dose cubeb pepper carefully and to use it in combination with other spices. He traditionally refines rice dishes, fish and seafood in Indonesian cuisine and Sri Lanka.

The Naturopathic Society Theophrastus has chosen the cubeb pepper (Piper cubeba) as the medicinal plant of the year 2016. The goal is to bring traditional experiences back to memory of its healing properties.

Pepper was already used in the Middle Ages to treat inflammatory diseases of the urinary tract. The medicinal plant has also proven itself in chronic bronchitis. Chewing the dried fruit is said to relieve headaches and dizziness. Well-being increases, concentration and memory are strengthened. In addition, the appetizing and digestive effects of the pepper are known.

The kubeben are the fruit of a perennial climbing shrub up to 10 meters high. His homeland is in Indonesia, especially in Java, Sumatra and in the southern part of Borneo. The globular fruits sit on a small stem and are harvested when they are not ripe. When drying in the sun they turn black-brown, become wrinkled and very hard. Cubeb pepper contains 5 to 18 percent essential oil and around two percent Cubebin, which is responsible for the sharpness. The "stem pepper" is available in dried form in special spice shops and on the Internet. (Heike Kreutz, aid)

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