Heteropaternal exuberance: twins born with two different fathers

Heteropaternal exuberance: twins born with two different fathers

Rare case confirmed: twin girls in Vietnam have different fathers
Although they saw the light of day on the same day and were born by the same mother, two girls in Vietnam still have two different fathers. This has now been confirmed by a DNA test. Experts refer to this rare phenomenon as "heteropaternal superfecundation".

Twins with two fathers
A 34-year-old man from Vietnam no longer worried much about the differences he could see in his twin girls. One of the children had thin straight hair, the other thick wavy. One day, however, he was persuaded by relatives to have a DNA test carried out, for example to rule out the possibility that the babies were exchanged after birth. According to a report in the "Vietnam News", scientists at the "Center for Genetic Analysis and Technology" in Hanoi found that the man is only a biological father of one of the girls. The other child does not carry his or her genome, but that of the mother.

Extremely rare phenomenon
Twins with two biological fathers are extremely rare. The phenomenon is called "heteropaternal superfecundation" by experts. This can happen if a woman is fertilized with two eggs during two menstrual cycles during a menstrual cycle. Sex can also be several days apart. So both eggs can be fertilized by different men. However, the half-siblings grow up together in the womb. According to the report, the mother in Vietnam has now admitted that she has had intercourse in addition to her partner.

Proof of an affair
To date, only around 20 cases of “step twins” have become known worldwide. However, scientists assume a high number of unreported cases. On the one hand, the phenomenon is still relatively unknown, and on the other hand, paternity tests are not often carried out on twins, in whom a child looks very similar to the father. If such cases are uncovered, tragedies such as divorces sometimes occur, since the tests reveal that the woman has slept with two men within a very short time. A "heteropaternal superfecundation" also proves an affair.

Similar case in the USA
A similar case in New Jersey, USA, had made headlines last year. At that time it was about a woman demanding maintenance for her children born in January 2013. However, a DNA test had shown that the man was only a biological father of one of the twins that his partner gave birth to - the other girl was conceived by someone else. At that time, the court ruled that the man only had to pay maintenance for one of the two children. (Ad)

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