Sensitive children's skin: Cold temperatures can harm at temperatures above zero

Sensitive children's skin: Cold temperatures can harm at temperatures above zero

Skin care in winter is of particular importance. Children's skin in particular is very sensitive to the cold. Parents should therefore ensure adequate protection for their offspring. Even at temperatures above the zero degree limit.

Children's skin is more sensitive
Especially in the cold season, skin problems can occur due to the often icy temperatures and also because of the dry heating air. Children's skin is usually more sensitive than that of adults. It usually reacts faster to environmental influences. The little ones need good skin protection, especially when it is cold outside. As for adults, winter skin care for children should include fatty creams. But a balanced diet with lots of fresh fruits and vegetables also protects against dry skin. As a message from the dpa news agency shows, parents should pay even more attention:

Warning signs of frostbite
If the skin of children is pale and turns gray-white or yellow-white in some areas, this can be a warning sign of frostbite. As Ulrich Fegeler from the Professional Association of Pediatricians (BVKJ) explained, the skin can burn and become numb. Skin damage is possible even at a few degrees above zero. The risk increases, for example, from cold wind on the bike, or from rain and snow. "Children have thinner skin than adults and therefore lose body heat faster".

Protection with an oily cream
In particular, the change between heated rooms and freezing temperatures outside demands a lot from children's skin. Parents best protect their child's face with an oily cream. In addition, you shouldn't forget UV protection on sunny days in the snow. Furthermore, in frosty temperatures you should make sure that the little ones drink a lot. Adequate fluid intake is very important. "If a child rages around in the snow, it cools the mucous membranes through the increased breathing effort and releases a lot of moisture," says Fegeler. At “”, the experts provide information, among other things, about important preventive examinations and diseases in children. (ad)

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