Very rare: woman lives with living worm in her eye (video)

Very rare: woman lives with living worm in her eye (video)

Internet video shows live worm in a woman's eye
Videos that make people disgusted or even scared often become a “hit” on the Internet. A clip on the Internet is currently causing a sensation: it shows a woman who has a living worm in her eye. But even if the picture is not nice to look at, the patient apparently did not feel any pain because of the parasite.

Worm writhes on the patient's eyeball
A video is currently circulating on the Internet, in which a living worm can be seen in a human eye. It can be seen that the animal is still alive and squirming on the woman's iris. According to the information, it is an Australian who had felt no pain in the eye. The worm was discovered when visiting a doctor. The parasite was said to be easily removed. The patient felt no pain. Before the procedure, the doctors had recorded a video of the eye worm. The clip was posted on "YouTube" and has already been viewed, partially shared and commented on by thousands of users.

Eyeworm infestation is easy to manage
The animal is said to have been a so-called eye worm. The parasite known as loa loa in technical language can grow up to seven centimeters long. The roundworm is actually widespread in tropical regions of Africa and causes bumps under the skin, but sometimes also migrates to the eye. According to health experts, the infection is uncomfortable and painful, but it can be managed with medication and possibly surgery.

The diagnosis is usually made via a blood test. This could become even easier in the future. Because only a few months ago, researchers reported on a new technology in which blood parasites can be detected using a smartphone with a microscope. The technology, which works with a special app, can reliably diagnose the blood parasite Loa loa within a few minutes, according to the scientists. (ad)

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