In the case of back pain, a step position can provide relief

In the case of back pain, a step position can provide relief

Excruciating low back pain: stepped position can often relieve symptoms
Millions of people in Germany suffer from tension and low back pain every now and then. The symptoms often go away on their own or through simple back pain exercises, but in some cases it is better to see a doctor.

Preventively strengthen your back
Hardly anyone is immune from low back pain: The symptoms are triggered, among other things, by poor posture or a lack of exercise. Back pain can also have psychological causes. In many cases, the symptoms disappear after a relatively short time. But sometimes the pain persists. For prevention, it is advisable to strengthen the back. In addition to various sports, special exercises such as hackers and curls are also suitable for this.

Complaints often disappear quickly
If the lower back pain has already set in, the symptoms can often be alleviated by the so-called step positioning. The lower legs are placed on a shelf - for example a chair - so that the upper and lower legs form a 90 degree angle. In some cases, loosening exercises, heat applications and sometimes pain relievers can also be useful for back pain. The Internet portal points this out in a contribution. According to the patient information page of the Institute for Quality and Efficiency in Health Care (IQWiG), most people experience low back pain at some point in their lives. The symptoms in the lower part of the back are mostly harmless: pain and restricted movement often disappear within a few days or weeks. However, they can also become chronic. This is the case if they last longer than twelve weeks.

In some cases, a doctor should definitely be consulted
There can be very different causes behind back pain, often several factors play a role. The symptoms can be triggered, among other things, by weak trunk muscles, improper strain - for example, by sitting for long periods - tension or wear on the spine. In addition, psychological causes such as stress or depression can also occur. However, sometimes a herniated disc or osteoporosis can be behind it. According to health experts, you should definitely go to a doctor if the pain radiates into your legs or if you experience tingling or numbness in your legs. A doctor should also be consulted if there are problems with urination or fever and chills in addition to the back pain. The same applies to inexplicable weight loss or if the pain in the supine position gets worse. (ad)

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