Radiotherapy and regional hyperthermia in prostate cancer

Radiotherapy and regional hyperthermia in prostate cancer

The July issue of the Radiation-Oncology Journal reports on the use of regional hyperthermia and radiation therapy in prostate cancer. For this purpose, it presents a study with which scientists from the Eberhard Karls University of Tübingen and the Charité Universitätsmedizin Berlin are concerned: “Regional hyperthermia and moderately dose-escalated salvage radiotherapy for recurrent prostate cancer. Protocol of a phase II trial. ”Radiation therapy (SRT) studies analyze timing and dose in recurrent prostate cancer. The research here aims to investigate the benefits and tolerability of regional hyperthermia with moderately dosed radiation therapy.

Prof. Dr. András Szász, founder of oncothermia: “Surgical interventions for prostate cancer often lead to complications and side effects. Complementary medicine aims for a gentle, accompanying treatment of oncological therapies. The aim is to increase the effect of chemotherapy or radiation therapy, to reduce the dosage, to attack cancer cells directly by heat and to increase the subjective well-being of the patients. It refers to data from the Eurostat statistics institute. According to this, prostate cancer is the cancer that most often affects men, at around 26 percent. The German Cancer Society registers around 63,400 new cases nationwide each year. The risk of developing prostate cancer is 13; the death risk at 3 percent. This makes prostate cancer the most common cancer, but not the most common cause of death. At 93 percent, the likelihood of being alive 5 years after diagnosis is the second highest of all cancers in Germany, according to the Cancer Society.

The organ is removed in about half of the surgical treatments for prostate cancer, says Prof. Szász. “Many patients suffer from complications, side effects and long-term consequences such as impotence, urinary incontinence. Complementary medicine tries to support conventional procedures and reduce side effects. We want to activate the self-healing powers, strengthen the defenses but also improve the quality of life after conventional interventions. Prostate cancer in particular is physically and mentally stressful for the patient. Complementary medicine respects this when it links conventional therapies with others such as regional heat therapy. ”(Pm)

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