New dyslexia guidelines published

New dyslexia guidelines published

Five to six percent of German students have marked difficulties in reading and writing, which have a significant impact on their school and psychosocial development. A new S3 guideline makes interdisciplinary therapy recommendations available for the first time.

In medical and psychological circles, the disorders are divided into reading, spelling and reading-spelling disorders, also known as dyslexia. For more than forty years there has been a controversial discussion about the diagnostic methods and criteria of these school developmental disorders in the various specialist disciplines.

With the S3 guideline, which was coordinated by the German Society for Child and Adolescent Psychiatry, Psychosomatics and Psychotherapy eV (DGKJP), there are now, for the first time, clear interdisciplinary recommendations for action for the diagnosis and promotion of children and adolescents with reading and / or spelling disorders . Here is the guideline. (pm)

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