Questions and answers about cure

Questions and answers about cure

In the past, cures were considered old-fashioned, almost bourgeois. There are several hundred health resorts in Germany, including climatic health resorts or seaside resorts on the coast. But cures abroad are also popular among Germans. While a few years ago many spas still had the charm of the 1970s, a lot has happened today. Facilities are modern and accompanying offers are also suitable for younger people. Cures have always been convincing above all through holistic therapy approaches, in which the focus is on strengthening the self-healing powers. Those who want to promote their health on vacation can benefit from a cure. Cures are one of the oldest and best-tried forms of natural healing methods. Univ.-Doz. Dr. Bertram Hölzl, specialist in internal medicine and scientific director of the Gastein Heilstollen, answers the most important questions.

Why a cure and not just a relaxing vacation?
“If you want to promote your health, you need medical supervision and targeted programs. The cure will only be successful if well-trained physiotherapists and a wide variety of medical services are available. The well thought-out combination of classic spa therapies such as baths or packs and medically meaningful activity are the focus of cures. The spa stay should also provide an impulse to change your lifestyle and, in addition to the therapeutic success of the spa, have a lasting effect. What is special about a spa is the - mostly local - natural remedies. In Bad Gastein, for example, the alpine altitude and above all the radon thermal tunnel are part of it. Here, patients drive into the tunnel several times and spend about an hour at the therapy stations, where the active factors radon, warmth and high humidity develop their therapeutic benefits. "

For whom are cures suitable?
“Cures are suitable for the relief of all types of chronic diseases and especially for the treatment of diseases of the rheumatic type, the musculoskeletal system, the respiratory tract and the skin. After a course of treatment, many patients benefit from less medication, less pain or even freedom from symptoms. "

Who bears the costs?
"Statutory health insurers are increasingly approving cures. Nevertheless, more and more guests are willing to pay for high-quality cures themselves. Some health insurers pay grants of up to a few hundred euros for the health program even on vacation. The cures with radon treatment series in the Gasteiner Heilstollen are recognized by health insurance companies, but the extent of the cost assumption requires approval. For example, a week of health in the Gastein healing tunnel with a doctor's examination, four entrances and four health treatments costs 336 euros. ”

What should I consider before a course?
"In contrast to outpatient rehab, you don't need a certificate from the doctor about the necessity for a private spa vacation. Before starting the cure, however, the guest should know whether he is able to cure. Anyone who assesses this themselves will be examined by the attending spa doctor for the ability to cure. In order to avoid unforeseen events, it is better to have your family doctor or a specialist certify the necessary state of health before you travel. "

Who is my local contact person?
“The local doctor is the first point of contact for the guest. He carries out a health check in the Gastein healing tunnel and determines the type of application, usually two per day. In addition to tunnel entrances, this also includes osteopathic treatments, acupuncture, muscle relaxation exercises, lymphatic drainage and massages. ”

Can relatives come along?
“Spa guests can spend the night in a hotel, in a pension or holiday apartment and of course bring their relatives with them.” (Pm)

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