Be powerful in old age through a demanding job

Be powerful in old age through a demanding job

Challenging tasks at work promote productivity in old age
Those who are challenged at work are more productive in old age. This is confirmed by a study by the University of Leipzig. While it has long been known that a good education counteracts the development of dementia, the influence of professional requirements has so far been neglected. According to the study, seniors whose previous professional tasks included data analysis, information assessment or concentration on details lost less of their performance in old age than people who did less demanding jobs.

Demanding profession maintains performance in old age
More than 1,000 seniors aged 75 and over were regularly examined in the Leipzig long-term study on the elderly population ("Leila75 +") over a period of eight years. Her mental performance was also tested. Among other things, the study participants had to answer questions about their professional life and certain requirements that they had to meet.

As it turned out, those who stated that they had previously had a lot of work at their best performed best in the performance tests. It was also noticeable that their skills deteriorated less over time. Study participants with a demanding job, such as production managers or restaurant owners, deteriorated in performance only half as much as those who worked as turners or sewers. "Apparently, some specific requirements in professional life train the brain, which means that long-term performance can be maintained in the long term," reports group leader PD Dr. Tobias Luck.

“The study makes it clear that the type of work performed during our professional life has an important impact on mental performance in old age, possibly even more important than education,” explains study author Dr. Francisca S. Then from the Institute of Social Medicine, Occupational Medicine and Public Health (ISAP) at the Faculty of Medicine. (ag)
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