Demonstrations to legalize cannabis in 27 German cities

Demonstrations to legalize cannabis in 27 German cities

Demonstrations to legalize cannabis
As part of the global action days for the Global Marijuana March, many events will also take place in Germany in early May. There will be demonstrations and rallies in 27 cities for the legalization of cannabis and against the ban in Germany with all its harmful consequences. This represents a significant increase compared to previous years: While only four German cities took part in 2012, there were eleven in 2013, 17 in 2014 and a full 27 this year. From Rostock to Munich and from Cologne to Berlin there are in the in most areas of Germany an event for the Global Marijuana March.

The number of participants is also increasing. In 2013, around 2,000 participants were counted at all events in Germany, over 4,000 last year and many organizers are expecting new visitor records for this year: Over 6,000 people have already registered as participants in the Facebook event for Berlin.

Georg Wurth, Managing Director of the German Hemp Association, welcomes this development: “Many millions of people have long wanted the legalization of cannabis, but now this wish is also coming across the country as a public demand. German politics can no longer ignore this! There must finally be real improvements for hemp consumers in Germany. ”

In many cities, the global Marijuana March shows local, and sometimes national, prominence. The well-known songwriter Götz Widmann is coming to Heidelberg and will give a concert on the market square. Left Party drug policy spokesman Frank Tempel gives a speech in Plauen, Saxony. Harald Terpe, spokesman for drug policy among the Greens, is in Rostock. The famous Bavarian songwriter Hans Söllner comes to Vienna.

In Cologne, district mayor Andreas Hupke is even the official patron of the event and will deliver the opening speech.

All events are organized by local groups on site. The German Hemp Association supported the organizers, networked them and supported them with various help offers.

Since the Global Marijuana March traditionally takes place on the first Saturday in May, but this year is very close to the first of May, many organizers in Germany have decided to hold their event on May 9th or even later. At the end of this press release we add a list of all dates sorted by date. (pm)

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