Quadruplets at 65: medical professionals warn of risks

Quadruplets at 65: medical professionals warn of risks

Quadruplets at 65: gynecologists warn of health risks

After it was reported in the past few days that a 65-year-old Berliner is pregnant with quadruplets, gynecologists have now warned of the health risks of multiple pregnancies. If the expectant mother is already old, this also represents an additional danger.

65-year-old Berliner expects quadruplets A few days ago it was reported that a 65-year-old Berliner is pregnant with quadruplets. The 13-fold mother (her youngest daughter is nine years old) and 7-fold grandma had been artificially fertilized abroad by donating eggs and sperm in the past year and a half. The quadruple pregnancy of the primary school teacher has caused a sensation since it became known. She is now accompanied even in a TV documentary. Gynecologists have now warned of the major health risks, reports the AFP news agency.

Quadruple pregnancies "associated with considerable risks at all ages" The professional association of gynecologists (BVF) stated that quadruplet pregnancies "are associated with considerable risks and dangers for mother and children at all ages". For example, the risk of thrombosis, which is already increased in an older woman, increases. In addition, the risk of high blood pressure and gestational diabetes in multiple pregnancies - regardless of age - is increased. In addition, severe bleeding was threatened by overstretching the uterus. According to experts, increased water retention, especially in the legs, varicose veins and anemia, is more common in multiple pregnancies.

Babies are at risk of undersupply During pregnancy, babies are at risk of undersupply and finally premature birth with permanent health impairments such as visual and hearing impairments and developmental disorders. "It is impossible for quadruplets to be born mature," says the professional association. According to this, quadruple pregnancies end on average after 31 weeks of pregnancy. In addition, the "likelihood that the children will still have their mother after the age of 20" is low.

Every pregnancy means a significant burden Every pregnancy, regardless of the age of the mother, means according to the gynecologists a significant burden on the body and circulation. As the agency continues to write, pregnancy, as in the case of the 65-year-old, which arose from donating semen and eggs and with the help of hormone treatment, "can only be advised against". RTL and “Bild am Sonntag” (Bams) reported that the Berlin elementary school teacher Annegret R. had herself fertilized abroad by donating eggs and sperm.

Termination of pregnancy was never an option for the elderly. In the RTL program "Extra" she rejected criticism of her late pregnancy and said: "I think you have to decide for yourself." For her, a so-called reduction, that is, a selective termination of pregnancy Multiple pregnancies, never considered. Even if the number of multi-league births in Germany has increased in recent decades, these are mostly twin births. There was a very unusual case in Bavaria last year. Two identical twins were born there in a quadruple birth in Munich. (ad)

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