Avian flu: Stable compulsory everywhere

Avian flu: Stable compulsory everywhere

Complete waiver of poultry

Avian flu has kept authorities and poultry farmers in suspense for months. Among other things, the spread of pathogens was to be prevented by imposing a stable requirement. In most of the federal states, the chickens, ducks and geese are now allowed to go outside again after no further cases of avian influenza have occurred in the past few weeks.

In view of the fact that the avian influenza virus of the H5N8 subtype has not been detected in Thuringia or in the other federal states for weeks and that “the so-called federal poultry movement restriction regulation expires on March 31, 2015, this is done in consultation with Saxony-Anhalt Abolition of the obligation to stall, ”said the Ministry of Social Affairs in Thuringia. The decree to make poultry stable for protection against avian influenza has thus been completely repealed. "If proof of a highly pathogenic variant of avian influenza was found again, protective measures would be taken immediately," said the ministry. "The compulsory stable is lifted," continued.

In Thuringia, only the poultry that was kept around the wetlands of the Kelbra reservoir and the immediately adjacent Auleben ponds in northern Thuringia were affected by the compulsory stable. In the other districts, the stable requirement could already be lifted after a corresponding decree by the Ministry of Social Affairs. However, all poultry farmers are still called upon to protect their stocks by complying with the so-called biosecurity measures. "This includes, among other things, controlled visitor traffic and the prevention of the possibility for wild birds to get potions and feed from domestic poultry," the official announcement. "If a contagious disease is suspected, the responsible veterinary office must be informed immediately." (fp)

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