Men very ill after eating puffer fish

Men very ill after eating puffer fish

Five men seriously ill after eating puffer fish

Guests at a Japanese restaurant asked to be served the poisonous liver of the puffer. This request did not end well for the five men. After eating, they became seriously ill. The enjoyment of this food is subject to very strict requirements due to the risk of poisoning.

Dangerous puffer delicacy After enjoying the dangerous puffer fish delicacy, five guests of a Japanese restaurant are seriously ill, reports the AFP news agency. According to a representative of the city administration on Monday, all five men had suffered from breathing difficulties and severe nausea hours after visiting the restaurant in Wakayama in western Japan at the weekend. The restaurant said it had served the poisonous liver of puffer fish at the express request of its customers.

Consumption can result in death within hours. The restaurant was closed by the authorities for a week in response to the incident. The neurotoxin, which is contained in the Japanese specialty also called fugu, can lead to a special form of fish poisoning. The first symptoms include numbness in the mouth, increased sweating, dizziness or headache. Over time, the numbness wanders, causing numbness in the legs and other limbs. The digestive tract is also often affected, which can result in abdominal pain, nausea, vomiting and diarrhea. Sometimes there is severe chest pain and blue addiction. The poisoning can also be fatal. For example, eating an untreated fish can lead to death within four to six hours, according to the US Food and Drug Administration.

Cooks need several years of training But Fugu fans rave about the tingling sensation that causes the strong poison on the lips. According to German law, Fugu may not be imported into Germany for consumption. In Japan, multi-year cooks have to learn to distinguish the toxic parts from the harmless ones in order to be able to serve the fish. Even if it is limited to deaths thanks to the strict regulations, it still happens that Fugu lovers have to go to hospital with symptoms of poisoning. The problem is not only in East Asia. Last October, an eleven-member family was reported in Rio de Janeiro, Brazil, who suffered from severe paralysis and other complaints after eating puffer fish. (ad)

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