Flu season: Hundreds of cases reported

Flu season: Hundreds of cases reported

Flu season: Hundreds of cases reported

Around 300 cases of illness have already been reported in Brandenburg in the current flu season. The numbers have thus multiplied compared to the previous year. Vaccination to protect against the disease is only recommended for some people.

Flu wave in Brandenburg According to a message from the dpa news agency, a flu wave is rolling through Brandenburg. According to the spokesman for the Potsdam Ministry of Health, Gabriel Hesse, said on Friday that the number of infections detected had increased continuously from week to week in January, to 116 new cases this week. This means that there have been over 300 reported diseases since the beginning of the flu season in autumn. "This is a significant increase, in the same period last year there were only 20 illnesses," said Hesse.

Vaccine not working so well this year Hesse says vaccination offers good protection against the virus. However, some health experts see it quite differently. It was recently announced that the vaccine was hardly effective this season. The "NDR" had reported that the composition of the vaccine was only of limited suitability for the currently circulating virus strains. Nevertheless, the Robert Koch Institute (RKI) advises people from high-risk groups, such as chronically ill, with basic diseases such as diabetes, asthma or cardiovascular diseases, seniors or medical staff to be vaccinated against flu.

"Do not necessarily shake hands with everyone" Even at this point in time, vaccination can still make sense in individual cases, according to Brandenburg. Adequate protection does not appear until two weeks after vaccination. As the spokesman said, citizens should seek advice from their family doctor. "You should also pay attention to hygiene and not necessarily shake hands with everyone." The flu season has also started in Berlin. According to the State Office for Health and Social Affairs, 152 new cases were reported in January alone. 24 people have had severe flu since the beginning of the season in late 2014.

More people due to respiratory problems at the doctor According to data from the Influenza Working Group, significantly more people went to the doctor in January because of respiratory problems in Berlin and Brandenburg than in December. Most recently there were around 2,000 per 100,000 inhabitants. Children up to four years of age became particularly ill. However, the statistics only include cases in which the virus was detected in the laboratory. In addition to respiratory problems, influenza usually also causes symptoms such as fever, chills, body aches or headaches. (ad)

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