Minister of Health against cannabis legalization

Minister of Health against cannabis legalization

Minister of Health against cannabis legalization

Bavarian Minister of Health Melanie Huml has rejected Cem Özdemir's request to legalize cannabis. The Green Leader is currently under investigation for a possible violation of the Narcotics Act.

Bavaria rejects legalization Bavarian health minister Melanie Huml (CSU) has rejected a message from the dpa news agency that Greens boss Cem Özdemir's call to legalize cannabis has been rejected as a “wrong signal, especially for young people”. Cannabis increases the risk of cardiovascular diseases and lung cancer. In addition, prolonged consumption can also lead to mental disorders. As the politician announced in Munich on Monday, Bavaria is therefore opposed to legalization.

Özdemir "borrowed" hemp plant Currently, investigations against Özdemir are underway due to the so-called hemp plant video. The trigger was a video by the Green Leader, which was recorded on the occasion of the Internet campaign "Ice Bucket Challenge". Participants take a shower with ice water, have themselves filmed and call for donations for the fight against the rare nerve disease amyotrophic lateral sclerosis (ALS). In the background of Cem Özdemir's video that it should have been shot on the terrace of his apartment in Berlin, a hemp plant can be seen in the background. According to the "Welt", the politician explained that the crop was only "borrowed" and has since been returned. He lacks the "green hand" for growing the plant himself.

Current legislation is pointless On Monday, the Greens chairman announced a Bundestag initiative to legalize cannabis. Current legislation is pointless and a waste of resources. However, the release of the drug must be accompanied by regulations on the protection of minors and a ban on advertising, said Özdemir. The immunity of the member of the Bundestag had been lifted due to the suspicion of the cultivation of narcotics, but according to press reports in judicial circles it was expected that the procedure would be terminated due to insignificance.

Facilitating access to cannabis as a medicine According to a representative survey by infratest dimap on behalf of the German Hemp Association, Germans' consent to full legalization of cannabis has risen to 30 percent. In addition, over 80 percent want to facilitate access to cannabis as a medicine, as the survey showed last year. For some patients, cannabis is also used as a medicine in Germany. Among other things, its effectiveness in nausea and vomiting or in cachexia, a disease in which extreme underweight results in extreme weight loss, has been demonstrated. Experts also recommend marijuana or hashish if you have no appetite. Cannabis has an analgesic and anti-inflammatory effect and can thus help seriously ill people to better endure their suffering. (ad)

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