Deodorant explosion: two girls seriously injured

Deodorant explosion: two girls seriously injured

Teenagers are seriously injured in a deodorant explosion

Two young teenagers sustained serious injuries in the explosion of deodorant spray. The two girls sprayed deodorant in a toilet to cover the tobacco smoke. According to a media report, they are no longer in mortal danger.

Girls wanted to smoke secretly When two young girls in Bavaria secretly wanted to smoke on the toilet, a serious accident occurred. The 13 and 14 year old teenagers sprayed deodorant sprays that were brought in to prevent others from smelling the smoke, the "Bild" newspaper reported. But the gas exploded and the girls were seriously injured. The teenagers were hospitalized with severe burns. According to the newspaper, the patients are no longer in mortal danger, but are still being treated in clinics.

"Burns to the face and hands" During the explosion, the windows of the toilet house shattered. According to one girl's mother, the students had several cans of deodorant spray with them. She told the "Bild" about the daughter: "She has burns on her face and hands". It is not yet clear whether the 14-year-old will face criminal proceedings. The 13-year-old is not yet under age. The chief prosecutor Gerhard Schmitt told the "Bild": "It may be that the girl herself is punished enough by the serious injuries and therefore there is no persecution."

Thousands of children and adolescents with fire injuries In Germany, fire injuries are very common, especially among young people. For example, the Federal Statistical Office calculated for 2012 that around 10,000 children and adolescents up to the age of 19 are hospitalized with burns nationwide each year. According to the initiative for children injured in fire, around 1,300 of them are victims of barbecues. Also on New Year's Eve numerous people are injured by firecrackers and rockets. The result is often lifelong scars and long, painful treatment. (ad)

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