Curious: 14 children get sick when they try the choir

Curious: 14 children get sick when they try the choir

Unknown cause: 14 children feel sick when rehearsing choir

On Saturday in Frankfurt 14 children complained of nausea and headache during a choir rehearsal with hundreds of young singers from different countries. Some of them came to a clinic for treatment. The cause of the complaints remained unclear.

Headache and nausea during choir rehearsal Around 500 children came together in the Fraport Arena in Frankfurt am Main on Saturday to rehearse together for a benefit concert. As the "Hessischer Rundfunk" reports online, some of them suddenly complained of headaches and nausea during the rehearsal. Some of the children vomited. The people affected were cared for by the emergency services quickly arrived. Experts from the City Health Office were also on site.

Cause of the complaints still unknown As the fire brigade announced, a total of 14 children aged eight to 13 years from South Africa and various European countries were examined. Five of them were reportedly taken to hospital for treatment. In addition, appendicitis was found in another child. It came to another clinic. The remaining children were able to stay on site. The cause of the complaints is not yet known. The fire brigade is currently assuming that excitement and unusual nutrition could have led to the symptoms in the international group. Given that unfamiliar foods, especially those that are very fatty, can cause stomach problems, this seems to be an obvious assumption. (ad)

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