Could liposomes replace antibiotics?

Could liposomes replace antibiotics?

Liposomes instead of antibiotics?

A team of researchers led by Bern has developed a new substance to treat severe bacterial infections - without the use of antibiotics. Antibiotic resistance could also be avoided in the future.

An international team of researchers from the University of Bern has developed an alternative approach to previous antibiotics: The researchers have developed a “protective shield” through liposomes, which are artificially produced nanoparticles that are formed from components of the fat layer of body cells. This traps and neutralizes the toxins expelled by the bacteria. This makes the bacteria harmless and can be overwhelmed and rendered harmless by the cells of the immune system.

Among other things, liposomes are used to transport medication into the body. The Bern-based scientists now assemble liposomes in such a way that they attract bacterial toxins and in this way protect the body cells from this dangerous «fire». (pm)

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