Warning of flavors and hidden sugar

Warning of flavors and hidden sugar

Nutrition: expert warns of flavors and hidden sugar

"Food instead of food": This is an appeal by the well-known German author Hans-Ulrich Grimm, who deals intensively with the food industry. The journalist has long warned of hidden sugar and flavors.

Optics more important than taste The German author and journalist Hans-Ulrich Grimm has been dealing with industrially manufactured foods for years. In his opinion, optics and durability are often more important than taste or tolerance for the food industry. He speaks of the fact that the companies create an “industrial parallel world” with real food. As the news agency APA reports, the expert now explained at a press conference in Linz, Austria, that there were far fewer fruits in a finished strawberry yogurt than in a mixed one and calculated that a chicken soup contained “two grams of dry chicken” in the package, “that corresponds to seven grams of wet chicken, per four plates ”.

Tricks of the food industry "You can only do that with flavors." The consequence is that you gain weight. "Flavor consumption leads to obesity because the body is cheated of something it needs." This is similar with the sugar. This is how the sense of taste gives the body what to expect when eating, explained Grimm. For human digestion, however, the information "sweet" indicates an apple rather than lemonade. "It's not just about the sugar, it's about getting out of the sweet mode." The author, who has written about the tricks of the food industry in several books, said that it has not increased the sugar content of its products in the past decades, but put artificial sweeteners on top. That is why the body demands more and more.

Sugars and sweeteners with health consequences Even if the health consequences that can be favored by high sugar consumption, such as obesity, diabetes or high blood pressure, are warned again and again, sweeteners, such as aspartame, can also cause problems similar to sugar, such as high ones Triglyceride levels that are a risk factor for cardiovascular disease. In a recent study, an Israeli research team led by Eran Segal and Eran Elinav from the Weizmann Institute in Rechovot found that sweeteners promote the risk of diabetes.

Author prefers to cook himself According to Grimm, the motives why additives are used are often far from improving the taste, but are used, for example, for durability or appearance. According to the expert, cola contains phosphoric acid to prevent the sugar color from turning completely black. When asked, he said that a traffic light label would be "sure good" to find his way through the jungle of labels that consumers expect in the supermarket. However, he prefers to cook himself. (ad)

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