Alaska and Oregon have legalized cannabis

Alaska and Oregon have legalized cannabis

Alaska and Oregon legalized cannabis yesterday through a referendum

After the US states Alaska and Oregon legalized cannabis yesterday through a referendum, the German Hemp Association is also expecting tailwind in this country.

DHV spokesman Georg Wurth: "After the initiatives in Alaska and Oregon have gone through smoothly, development will now accelerate. Every two years, further US states will legalize until cannabis is legal throughout the US. That will be certain not to pass Germany without a trace. The legalization in Colorado and Washington two years ago was a dam break, now the dominoes are beginning to fall. "

In addition to Alaska and Oregon, there were other cannabis votes in the U.S. yesterday. In Washington DC, almost 70 percent voted for legal home-grown! According to this rule, Obama should now grow 6 hemp plants for himself and his state guests in the White House. For the first time in Florida, there was a majority for cannabis as medicine in a conservative southern state. However, the required 60 percent was not achieved. Further votes to decriminalize cannabis users were also successful.

The German Hemp Association has asked the opinion of the Germans on drug policy. According to infratest dimap, there is still no majority in Germany for comprehensive legalization. But a clear majority think the war on drugs has failed and over 80 percent want to make cannabis more accessible as a medicine. After all, 30 percent already support specialist stores like in Colorado, including 25 percent of CDU supporters. Wurth calls on the federal government to finally facilitate access to medical cannabis and ensure reimbursement by health insurance companies.

In addition, applications for scientific model projects on cannabis delivery, as can be expected from Berlin and Frankfurt, should be carefully examined. In this way, the effects of legal structures could be examined in terms of space and time. (pm)

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