Women: How to fight abdominal pain

Women: How to fight abdominal pain

Menstrual problems: fight abdominal pain
Women have to go through the same ordeal every month: In addition to the periodically recurring bleeding during menstruation, there are usually various complaints such as back pain or mood changes. But there are ways to combat abdominal pain.

“Aunt Rosa” comes every month Women have to go through the same ordeal every month: “Aunt Rosa comes to visit”. With this expression menstruation is meant. In addition to the periodic bleeding from the uterus, most women are accompanied by other complaints during the period, such as back pain, low back pain, abdominal pain and mood changes. In addition, tense breasts, dizziness and headaches and even a migraine attack can make life difficult for women. Complaints can often be combated with simple means.

Hot bath and hot water bottle To cope with the annoying abdominal pain, women should not overdo it with taking painkillers, reports "Cover Media". Such pills should only be taken if the pain is so severe that it affects everyday life or leads to inability to work. Please note that the prescribed dose should be observed and the instructions in the package leaflet should be followed. In the case of abdominal cramps, the report says that a hot bubble bath or a cozy hot water bottle can work wonders and do the soul good. The heat relaxes the muscles and thus the uterus, which has an antispasmodic effect.

Food for period pain It is also said that certain foods for period pain can also help. Parsley, for example, boosts the metabolism and has a calming effect on cramps. This medicinal plant also strengthens the digestive system, including the intestine, which is often affected during menstruation. As a home remedy that alleviates menstrual cramps, celery has also proven itself, which also cleanses and purifies the body. Naturopathy for menstrual pain also knows other aids, such as homeopathic remedies.

Moderate sport against the complaints According to "Cover Media", strong and painful periods can also be prevented by contraceptive means. In addition to the contraceptive pill, hormonal agents such as a three-month injection, hormone patches or implants are also available. It is pointed out that the right remedy can be found with the help of a gynecologist. Just a few months ago, the dpa news agency, referring to the statement by the renowned sports scientist Professor Ingo Froböse from the German Sport University in Cologne, reported that moderate physical activity could also counteract menstrual cramps. This is because the movement has a relaxing effect on the muscles. However, you should not train too intensely during menstruation, because this can lead to an irregular period or even the absence of the period. (ad)

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