Veggi burger made from plant blood

Veggi burger made from plant blood

US company allegedly produces true-to-taste veggie burgers using vegetable blood

Veggie burgers have been around for a long time. So far, however, they have not been able to prevail against their relatives containing meat. One of the main arguments against veggie burgers was and is that they lack the aroma of real meat from the blood.

That should change now if it comes to the company "Impossible Foods" and its founder, Stanford Professor Patrick Brown. As Focus reports online, citing the "Wall Street Journal", the company from the USA has isolated a vegetable molecule that is also contained in animal blood, reacts in the same way when roasting, and is almost true to taste.

The company now blends this so-called "vegetable blood" with vegetarian burger patties, with the result that the burgers not only taste just as real, but also look the way they are, as reports. The vegetarian pattie is said to bleed even if you bite into it, according to the "Wall Street Journal" reports online according to Focus.

Burger pattie tastes like a mixture of beef and turkey According to N 24, the American "Wall Street Journal" even took part in a burger comparison test and confirmed: "Every bite has meat consistency. The 'burger meat' is not at all comparable to spongy tofu". According to Focus Online, the US newspaper describes the taste as a mixture of beef and turkey.

Veggie burgers with plant blood are supposed to replace traditional burgers. The background to the great effort is the idea of ​​reducing global meat consumption. Brown believes that switching from animal meat to plant products is a necessity because animal breeding consumes far too many resources and is not sustainable. However, this only works if the product is in no way inferior to the original in terms of taste, since meat eaters reject it due to the lack of taste. That is why his company tries to imitate the taste and consistency of meat as precisely as possible. For this, amino acids, fats and nutrients are obtained from plants.

"I remember it was like a slap in the face," Brown told the Wall Street Journal about the moment when he realized that the vegan substance could be used to play the role blood plays in traditional burgers take over.

Interested parties still have to wait The new product is not yet ready for mass production, as reports. The burgers are still too expensive. In 2015, however, the company plans to start the competition.

After all, the company already has large investors. As Grub Street reports, the company will have $ 75 million in capital, which is said to come from Bill Gates and Google Ventures, among others. (jp)

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