Much more fungal poisoning is reported

Much more fungal poisoning is reported

Fungus poisoning has increased

Not only the number of mushroom collectors, but also the serious mushroom poisoning in Germany has increased again. For example, over forty percent more cases had to be treated in hospitals last year. Affected people are advised to contact an emergency doctor or poison emergency center immediately if they experience symptoms.

Most fungal poisonings in Bavaria Last year, the number of serious fungal poisonings in Germany rose again. According to the health insurance company DAK, a total of 34 cases were treated in hospital in 2013. That was around 41 percent more than in the previous year. "Most serious poisoning has occurred again in Bavaria," the cash register wrote in its press release. But despite the top position, the number of cases in the Free State fell by four compared to 2012 to nine. Lower Saxony and North Rhine-Westphalia, however, have followed suit.

Concern about radioactive pollution is slowly disappearing According to DAK doctor Elisabeth Thomas, more people are looking for chanterelles, chestnuts or mushrooms. She explained: "Especially in southern Germany, many people were afraid for a long time that fungi could be radioactive - an aftermath of the Chernobyl disaster." Even if this concern is slowly disappearing, it should not be forgotten that 28 years after the meltdown, the Ukrainian nuclear power plant is still being warned of radioactive food in this country too. It was only recently when there was a report on wild boar meat contaminated with cesium in Thuringia.

Many mushrooms have toxic duplicates As Thomas warned, identification books or forums on the Internet are not sufficient to be able to determine fungi safely. "A lot of mushrooms have toxic double," said the expert. For example, the delicious mushroom looks deceptively similar to the deadly toxic tuber agaric. "I can only advise inexperienced collectors to be very careful." Peter Karasch, board member of the German Society for Mycology (DGfM) also criticized the "Ärzte Zeitung": "Although interest is increasing, knowledge is at a low level."

In the event of symptoms, contact an emergency doctor or poison emergency call If you have symptoms such as diarrhea, nausea and vomiting or severe abdominal pain after eating a mushroom meal, you should immediately call the emergency doctor (112) or contact your state's poison emergency number. Medications should never be taken on your own. Thomas advises: "Drink lots of water." The doctor went on to explain: "If the person becomes unconscious, bring them to a stable side position." It is also advisable to take mushroom remains with you for treatment. (ad)

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