Ebola patients fled back to the hospital

Ebola patients fled back to the hospital

Escaped patients re-admitted to the hospital

After an upset mob stormed a quarantine station in the capital of Liberia and 17 infected Ebola patients fled, all escaped patients are now back in the clinic, according to the Reuters news agency. Given the risk of infection from Ebola patients, national and international health authorities were extremely concerned about reports of people fleeing their homes.

At the weekend, the Ebola patients fled the makeshift quarantine ward of a hospital in the poor district of the capital, Monrovia. An upset crowd had previously stormed the quarantine station. With the escape from the converted school building, the infected also evaded medical attention and the authorities feared that the deadly virus could be transmitted to numerous other people. An intensive search for the patients followed. Now it has been possible to track down all 17 again and to place them in a special clinic, reports the news agency "Reuters", referring to the Liberian information minister Lewis Brown.

Liberia is currently suffering the most from the Ebola epidemic that started in Guinea at the end of last year. New reports of infections and deaths are added every day. To date, 834 Ebola infections and 466 deaths from Nigeria have been reported to the World Health Organization (WHO). Overall, according to the WHO, 2,240 people have become ill and 1,229 people have died as a result of the infection as a result of the Ebola epidemic in West Africa. Given the scale of the epidemic, the WHO decided to use untested medicines a week ago. This includes the drug "Zmapp", which was delivered to Liberia to care for the patients. The information minister of Liberia said in this regard that the three African doctors who are currently being treated with the active substance show "considerable signs of improvement", according to the Reuters news agency. (fp)

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